You know you have to start planning your wedding now and the first obvious thing to plan is the location.

      Where are going to get married?

      This isn’t straight forward sometimes! Especially if you are over whelmed with so many pretty ideas on Pinterest you have no idea on where to start.

      Below are a few things I suggest you think about when choosing you location.


      Talk To Your Partner
      This sounds simple but the amount of times I have asked brides what their plan is, they have explain what they are planning but their partner had no idea they were thinking of doing that!
      What do you both envision for your special day?
      If his or her vision is totally different to yours then suggest your ideas to them and see if you can mold them together to make something spectacular. 🙂
      That way both of you are happy! Chances are, you will both want similar things anyway.

      The Vibe
      Are you going for a relaxed informal wedding maybe on a beach enjoying the sunset and having marsh mellows over the fire or a more structured wedding in a stately home?
      The location very much sets the vibe of the wedding, if your quite a relaxed couple and love informality then go for that type of wedding. Don’t change your ways just because it’s a ‘formal’ event, it doesn’t have to be! It can be whatever you like. 🙂
      Time Of Year
      Depending on whether you want to get married outside or have your whole wedding as an outdoor event, I would consider thinking about the weather and if it would be likely to be sunny or rain!
      If you live in England like me the weather is mostly hit and miss but I have chosen my date in June because our wedding is going to be outside, saying that this summer the weather wasn’t that great ! haha

      Easy To Get To?
      Think about if your location will be is easy to get to, will it be in a busy city with loads of traffic and hardly any parking? Parking is really important! For the guests and wedding suppliers.
      If it’s in the middle of no where, you could always supply a map for your guests!

      Decide On How Many Guests You Want To Invite

      Write down a list of people you REALLY want there, not the ones you think you should invite because it’s ‘the right thing to do’.
      Chances are you are having a small intimate wedding, 50 people or less I would say if you are reading this post so you might not want a massive venue that can hold a lot amounts of people.

      How Will Your Guests Feel?
      I know I ALWAYS go on about how you need to do what YOU want and that will always stand but I am thinking along on the lines of, what if your grandma can’t fly to another country because shes not that mobile? or what if someone has a baby and they need to be in the warmth?
      It’s important to take these things into consideration, you don’t want to upset the people you care about and want to be there.
      Fly Away
      Why not fly away or elope to a different country? The world is your oyster! You’re not restricted. Just make sure you check the legal side of things!
      If you’re struggling to find the setting you desire for your wedding then search the globe! 🙂

      lulworth cove elopement wedding

      I hope these tips have been helpful!

      Jen X