Hosting My First Workshop

A couple of months ago I was thinking about hosting my first bridal workshop, it was a really scary thought.
I have had people ask me previously if I ever host workshops but at that moment in time I really didn’t think I was ready and confident enough to do so.
I had a few cool ideas in my head of what I wanted the workshop to look like, and I have say it really worked!

I posted an announcement on Facebook to see who would be interested and to my surprise there were more people wanting to come than I thought!
I was over the moon! For the people who couldn’t come on Tuesday there will definitely be another workshop!
Thanks so much to Sofia, Steph, Jess, Graham, Lexi and my mum for making it a successful workshop.
Meeting you three ladies was such a pleasure, I hope it was worth your while and you enjoyed it as much as I did!

All of your photos look amazing so far!

I couldn’t have done it without everyones support and interest. Thank you all so much!

Here are some of my shots from Tuesday…