This is the reason on why we chose to elope…

      At the beginning when we spoke about what we would want to do for our wedding we always knew we wanted it to be small and only a few people there.

      Deep down we really only wanted it to be us two but we started to think about how it would upset our family if they didn’t get to see us get married etc.
      We were going back and forth with the idea of having people there. We ended up going with our gut choice which was just having us two and our little pup.

      It was the best decision and it was perfect for us. It just felt RIGHT.

      We aren’t the type of people to stand in a room in front of 100 guests and say our vows.
      I get really nervous with the thought of doing anything like that anyway and I hate being the centre of attention.

      I had a vision in my head of Jon and I reading our vows in front of each other in a pretty woodland. Just us two and noone else.
      To me that’s what marriage is about, two people declaring their love for one another.

      To a lot of people it’s about getting together with family and celebrating until the early hours of the morning which is awesome.
      As a wedding photographer I see it all the time. From this, I knew what I wanted. I knew that however lovely celebrating with family and friends may be, it just wasn’t me and luckily Jon felt the same.

      Another thing, the family and friends situation is just awkward and a bit difficult for us. So it was so much easier to do it alone.

      So that’s it everyone, we just did what we wanted to do and have the best time doing it! 🙂

      Why We Chose To Elope