May 6, 2020

I say the word facetime because that’s what they are known as! I actually have an android phone so I don’t have facetime. I use Facebook messenger app, this way I can hide my camera and it seems to work well if you have a good internet connection.

So what the hell is a ‘facetime photoshoot’ and how does it work?

I’ve seen a bunch of photographers doing these and they seem to be a hit at the moment seeing as we are not allowed to actually photograph people in the flesh.

I will phone you via facebook messenger have a quick chat with you, you can show me around your favourite parts of your house or garden and we will get shooting.

I will be taking photos on my camera of your my phone with you guys on my screen and we will have lot’s of fun! I will direct you on where the best place to go is or where to look etc.

It helps if you have a phone holder of some sort or just leab your phone against objects in your house, or grab someone that isn’t in the shoot to hold it for you.

What will you need for the shoot?

Yourselves, some good light, laughter and any props if you want any.

How long will the shoot last?

30 lovely minutes! 🙂

Are these high quality images?

The images I take off my camera are high res images but DO NOT expect crisp 100% clear images of YOU ON THE SCREEN. There will be pixilation, there will be motion blur, just make sure you have the best internet connection you can and just roll with it.

You’ll recieve the images at 1500px wide, they are best for social media sharing at that size.

What is the actual point of this?

To have FUN and CREATE memories right now. Also, to help us lovely photographers out at this tough time.

We have all taken a big hit and anything to help me put some food on the table for my baby girl would be grately appreciated. I also want to give back so I will be donating £10 from every shoot to a food bank charity.

How much is the shoot?

Only £40. I’ll be donating £10 from every shoot to The Trussell Trust food bank charity.

Who is this for?


How do we get booked in?

Simply message me on instagram or email me info@jenmarino.com and we will figure out a date and time. Or simply click here for the contact form.

It would be rude of me not to introduce myself to those who have never spoken to me before or who aren’t familiar with my work…

So hey! I’m Jen, I live in Gloucester with my gorgeous little family. My husband, 6 month old daughter and 3 sausage dogs. 🙂 I’ve been a photographer for 10 years and this has definitely been the hardest year yet as my weddings have come to a halt and all of my other work. But I won’t let this break me. I’ll carry on knocking out some interesting imagery for everyone and have fun doing it. Photography has always been my passion and I didn’t work my butt off for it all to go down the pan in 2020!

Jen Marino Photography

When this all blows over and you are interested in having a proper family shoot in the flesh with myself, feel free to purchase a family gift voucher.
My vouchers are £230 and £350.
Email me for more info!