To my new blog series!

The whole point of the up coming blog posts is to share with you my thoughts, advice and hopefully help you along with your wedding planning.

Why intimate weddings & elopements? It’s simple… I LOVE them. They excite me, they are close to my heart and what I believe in. Not to say I don’t love bigger weddings, every wedding is amazing and I would be honoured to photograph them of course!

But there is something about small intimate weddings that I adore, I adore the closeness, the intimacy, the love, I could go on. I think you get the point!


This first question is simple…

What is important to you?

Is it important for you to have your closest loved ones there with you? Is it important for you to go off and share the special moment just you and your fiance?

Is it important for you to have your ceremony somewhere that’s sentimental to you both or just somewhere that you wanted to visit and make a special memory?


Notice that I said what is important to YOU. Many times people mistake this for, what is important for your family, grandmother, aunti, uncle, everyone else BUT you.

Now of course you want to please everyone, but unfortunately you can’t because if that was the case then I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have the special day you were hoping for. If you want 10 people, have 10 people. If you want to elope so it’s just you two, do it. It’s your life.

A lot of people don’t understand, but they don’t need too. They just need to be happy for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

You might upset some people but I’m sure they will come around in the end. don’t let anyone take that excitement away from you.

It’s tough, but once you know exactly what you both want and agree on it then you will be so EXCITED to start planning.


Jon and I have been planning our special day for next year. At the beginning, I was so excited to start planning because I had this vision… the vision slowly slipped away when I started to think about what other people would want. Other people meaning my CLOSE family, my lovely mum and brothers etc… I love them to bits but the problem was OUR vision wasn’t in sight anymore. It wasn’t looking like our special day anymore… It made me not want to go ahead with it at all because what would be the point? Anyway… we have sorted it and it’s back on track which I will talk about more in my next post for you.

The point is… don’t lose sight of what you truly want and what excites you.



What is your vision for your day?

Think about it andย ย  M a k eย ย  I tย ย  H a p p e n.


I hope you enjoyed this Introduction to my new blog series! Lots more to come. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jen X