October 12, 2020

Where the hell do I start with this lovely pair?!

I’m going to start by saying how bloody happy I am that they have finally tied the knot after what you can imagine being the most stressful time trying to plan a wedding.

Their day was absolutely incredible especially considering they had to plan it in 3 DAYS!! Can you actually imagine having that sort of pressure on yourself as a couple getting married, having to change every single thing that you had planned because of Covid once again.

These two didn’t just change their plans once, not twice, but THREE TIMES.

They deserve a medal, or two! I was honestly taken back at how lush day their was, from the planning to their wonderful families and how supportive everyone was.

I’ll take you back… back to when covid didn’t exist. Anna and Jody had a normal sized wedding planned, it was gonna be really cool, tipis etc you get the jist. I was super excited for it because who doesn’t love a cool wedding in a field with tipi’s haha

Then covid came around and rightly so they decided to postpone but then had a re-think of what really matters to them and realised that they didn’t need a big wedding. They wanted a small intimate wedding so they decided to plan it in the forest of dean in a cabin, in the woods. ( obviously I loved this idea because it was similar to what I did apart from I eloped ) So again SUPER excited and I couldn’t wait! I was dreaming of all the beautiful photos that I was going to take.

I think a week before their wedding was supposed to happen the new rules came in place again for weddings to only be a maximum of 15 people. …Crushed!! Cannot believe how these two must have felt at that point because how can you tell a certain amount of people they can no longer come to their wedding. Just awful.

So… them being some sort of super heros they planned a whole new celebration in just 3 days!! It wasn’t what they originally planned but it was bloody amazing! Such a sweet day and I loved every bit of it. And the most important thing was they finally tied the knot. It wasn’t the legal ceremony but it was beautiful and I am so so pleased that they said a big fuck you to covid and had everyone that they wanted there to witness their love for eachother.

They both looked so cool, Anna with her sexy green hair and dm’s & GORGEOUS dress! Jody with is braces that he originally put on the wrong way LMAO That was so funny, I think he probably gave himself the biggest wedgie ever! LOL( Sorry Jody ) hahahaha

Anyway, I am so happy for you guys and thank you so much for not quitting and realising that small weddings are just as special if not even more special than big weddings. Weddings are about your love for one another, it doesn’t really matter about the big fancy venue or the hundreds of people you want to invite or the three course meal. It’s you two celebrating your love with your nearest and dearest. <3

Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer, it was the best first wedding of the year!

Enjoy! xx