Why We Chose To Elope.


At the beginning when we spoke about what we would want to do for our wedding we always knew we wanted it to be small and something different.

Deep down we really only wanted it to be us two but we started to think about how it would upset our family if they didn’t get to see us get married.
We were going back and forth with the idea of having people there. We ended up going with our gut choice which was just having us two and our little pup and a photographer.

It was the best decision and it was perfect for us. It just felt RIGHT.

We aren’t the type of people to stand in a room in front of 100 guests and say our vows.
I get really nervous with the thought of doing anything like that anyway and I hate being the centre of attention.

We were saving for a house at the same time as planning our elopement and we knew we didn’t want to spend much on our wedding.
The only rule I had was I didn’t care how much I spent on a photographer because OBVIOUSLY that’s the most important thing to me and luckily Jon didn’t mind either. ( like he had a choice 😉 ) hahaha

My dress was only £100 from simplybe, I didn’t really want to spend more than that as it wasn’t a big deal for me. I just wanted something pretty and comfortable.  Our rings weren’t expensive either, got them from etsy!
The most expensive thing was actually the photographer and accomodation. But those were the things that we valued and didn’t mind spending on.

We had a vision of how we wanted it to be,  reading our vows in to each other in a pretty woodland. Just us two and noone else.
To me that’s what marriage is about, two people declaring their love for one another.

Plus, eloping is easier with the whole family and guests situation.. It might not be that easy when people find out though!

Did we ruffle some family member feathers? YEP.
Did we care though? NOPE
Do we regret our decision? NO WAY
Did we have the best time ever? YES!!!

So that’s it everyone, we just did what we wanted to do and had the best time doing it! 🙂

Why We Chose To Elope