I have waited way too long to post this!

      Becky and Eve are my wedding competition winners!

      For those of you that missed the competition – I was running a ‘win your wedding photography’ competition for about a month.

      I had a surprising 26 entries! I was so pleased. It was a pretty hard decision to make, hearing everyone’s love stories, their details about the wedding day, why they should win.

      It was pretty over whelming. I finally came to a decision, ran it passed my mum who helps me with my decision making 😉 I came to the conclusion that the winners had to be these two lovely ladies.

      Their wedding sounds gorgeous, and the best part is that it’s in Norfolk! It will be a 3 day holiday for me and my mum! 😛 haha

      Anyway, we met for the first time at Blenheim Palace for their engagement shoot. We had a little picnic and Eve brought her Ukulele which was lovely, the sheep loved her singing and playing!

      Becky and Eve were so sweet and fun. We had a right laugh. I am too excited for their wedding! 🙂

      Here are the photos from the shoot!