The Many Faces Of…

December 9, 2014

So this a personal project I have been working on for a while. (It’s not a big project)

I had this idea in my head of black and white photo booths, I love the way they look, I love that in a photo booth people tend to let their hair down and go all crazy. ;-p

I wanted to show personality through these photos. It’s was a simple idea, to have a bit of fun with.  To change things up a bit I used a continuous ring light for the light source. For all of you photographers out there, I got the light from here > Ring Light

I didn’t really know if it would work out, but I wanted to make it work! 🙂 Luckily it all came out amazingly. For most of them I used the simplest backdrop, my cupboard doors downstairs next my stairs which were cream colour. So simple! haha

I wanted to get a shallow Depth Of Field in the images, if you know my work you will be familiar with this! 😉 To get this I used my 50mm 1.2 lens. This my favourite lens ever!

This project was all about having fun and trying new things, I hadn’t done a personal project before but I loved it. I will most probably do some more in the future.

Thanks to everyone that took part! ^_^








Brilliant Jen… As always..

Love this!!!!! Wedding faces would work too xxxx

Superb and funny and wonderful idea!!!!