Getting Your Shit Together

February 13, 2017

Last week I found it hard to concentrate, to get work done or to get anything done.
I just didn’t have any energy and everytime I tried to get out of that mood I just couldn’t.  I couldn’t think straight either, my mind wasn’t co-operating!
I slip into this situation more than I thought I would and to be honest it makes angry and frustrated because I don’t know why it happens.

So last night I sat down at my desk and thought about everything and what I could do to get out of this stupid frustrating mindset situation.
Then I realised something that most people have that I don’t.

They have a SCHEDULE.

They have a routine before they walk out of that door to go to work.
This might sound SO ridiculous and stupid but something as simple as a schedule can help in so many ways.
I don’t have one, well I didn’t until today. And today I have actually done my work.

I haven’t got kids and I know that if I did I would probably struggle to find the time to fit anything in and that’s why I want to try and fit as much in as possible and not take my free time for granted.

I simply wrote down a schedule/routine and I am following it. I had no structure in my work day, I felt lost and I felt confused on what I should do and how much time I should spend on editing or scheduleing my social media post or wiritng blog posts for the week etc.

When you work from home or work alone you tend to just go with the flow and do things when you feel like it or when you haven’t got appointments etc. It’s easy to slip and get really lazy but when you give yourself a schedule then your whole way of working from home will change and be more structured. You will get so much more done. I know that after I finish my work I can enjoy myself and shut off for the rest of the day.

At the moment my schedule isn’t too hectic but I know that come wedding season it’s going to be crazy so I will then make changes to suit what I have going on at that time.

So if you’re new at this working from home business then go and SCHEDULE YOUR DAY NOW! Do it and you will feel so much better.

Make those to do lists and get them ticked off.  Work and Personal to do lists. It feels so good. 🙂