How I Chose My Wedding Photographer And How You Should Too!

October 5, 2016

As I am a wedding photographer a lot of people said to me…

“Wow it must have been really hard for you to decide who to choose as your photographer, I bet you were really picky”.

The truth is it wasn’t hard for me to choose and yes of course I am going to be picky. 😉

I will explain….

So I didn’t have a date set and I already knew who I wanted to shoot my wedding.
When I did have a date set I then contacted Kerry and told her I want her to shoot my wedding. She was thankfully over the moon.^_^

I followed her for a couple of years before and I just fell in love with her work.
The fact that I followed her on social media I felt like I already knew her quite well and when we messaged each other it just FELT right.

She felt like she was already my friend.

To me I’d rather hire someone who feels like they are a friend and not just there to turn up and do a job. I find that really awkward to be honest.

Obviously I LOVED her work, that is clearly the most important thing from the beginning.

Another important thing, I TRUSTED that she would do an amazing job. Trust is such an important part of the whole process. If you book someone and don’t totally trust them to do a good job then what is the point? I knew that I wanted her and I didn’t care what the cost was as I allocated a generous budget for a photographer, I just knew I wanted her so I booked her straight away.

When I booked her I was over the moon and so excited!

It’s not a difficult process if you know what you want.

I simply wanted someone who I knew I could trust and who’s work was incredible. 🙂

If you find a photographer that you instantly think you love, follow them on every social media platform to get a better understanding of the type of person they are and if they are for you. You will get a better feel for them as a person. 🙂