Kindness Doesn’t Cost A Thing

March 20, 2017

We have been slowly doing up our garden which is really exciting and satisfying.
We had this vision of having a little campfire style thing going on with some tree trunk stumps as seats around our fire pit and cute festoon lights around the whole section. It’s cute!
Anyway, we had no idea where would would find some tree trunks to put in our garden or even how we would get them home if we did find some.

We rang around quite a few saw mill type places and they said to try a local tree surgeon so we ended up calling this wonderful guy.
He was so helpful and actually went out of his way to look through this yard that he went to and sent us some photos to see if those were the type of ones that we were looking for.
Not only that but he loaded them onto his truck and delivered them to us! We were over the moon that someone who didn’t even know us went out of his way to help us.

It was so refreshing.

Remember if you can help someone and it’s not too much trouble then do it, they will be so grateful and it will make you feel great because you helped someone.

I always try to help people or other photographers when they come to me for advice or general questions. I get sick of hearing that other photographers are too ‘secretive’ and they don’t want to help people because they see them as competition.
It’s BS! They are probably just insecure about themselves and their work or maybe just too arrogant to help. Why be like that? I have never understood it.

Just remember to be kind because kindness doesn’t cost a thing and you will be remembered for it like I will always remember what that guy did for us. 🙂