Dear mum,

I thought I would dedicate a full blog post to you, how lucky are you?! 😉

So, where to begin? Most people already know how much you help me in my business and life in general.

But I don’t really think YOU know how much you help me. You always say to me ‘I don’t really do much as your assistant’, you’ve got that SO wrong.

Let me break it down for you.


At The Beginning:

I had no confidence, I self doubted A LOT. | You told me I was amazing and that I should be so proud to go self employed at 17 and to keep going because my time will come.

I needed some help funding my business. | You helped me do that, you spent your hard earned money to help me. ( Thankfully I have paid you back, all though I don’t think I could ever fully pay you back for your help )

I needed a mini studio for my family shoots. | You let me turn the living room in to a studio when I needed it.  (That was so much effort!)



I have a bad back, my feet hurt or I have a headache when I am shooting a wedding. | You give me a massage when it’s our lunch break, you give me blister plasters, you tell me to keep hydrated to get rid of my headache.

When I am busy shooting something in another room or I have my hands full and the bride needs some help. | You are the first to get in there and make sure she is ok.

When we have a busy city wedding. | You are my chauffer.

I need an awesome boho dress or bridal dress. | You make some for me because you have mad skills!

I have two heavy bags to carry. | You help carry them all day even though they are really heavy and hurt our shoulders!

When you had that bad accident last year. | You still came and helped me as much as you could even though you were extremely exhausted and was still recovering from your operations.

I have down days, feel like I’m stood still and not going anywhere. | You’re still telling me to keep going, to believe in myself and to look at how far I have come from the beginning of my journey.


You see, the truth is you do a ridiculous amount for me as a mum and as an assistant. Everyone loves you because you are the kindest person ever, you put everyone’s needs before yours.

If I were to tell people what is so unique about me and my service, I would probably have to say that I have YOU. You are my secret ingredient that makes my business work as well as it does. Now that’s not to say I can’t do this without you, we both know I can.

But in all honesty, I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much if you weren’t in it with me.


So mum, I hope this has shown you and everyone else how much you actually do for me.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You are my companion. 🙂


I Love You Mum.

From Your Baby Girl.

<3 xxxx