5 Mistakes Brides Make On Their Wedding Day

February 18, 2017

Here are the 5 Mistakes Brides Make.
After photographing a substantial amount of weddings I feel like I have seen the most common mistakes that brides tend to make.
I wanted to stop others from making the same mistakes.

Forget To Delagate.
A lot of brides don’t like to seem bossy or they want to do everything themselves. I get it, some brides like to be in control but you have to remember that if you’re the bride, you simply need to CHILL OUT.
Let people work around you! Most importantly let people HELP you. There is no shame in giving your bridesmaids, mum, sibling, a job each so you all don’t feel the pressure.
They can help eachother help you! So please, give people jobs to do otherwise you will be running round like a headless chicken worrying that everything is out of control.


Forget To Take a Breath.
Weddings can be so overwhelming especially in the morning when everything starts to seem so real. People running around you asking you questions, rushing around to get ready.
It can all get too much and what I see so often are brides start to feel the pressure, they start to worry and get themselves all worked up and feeling all tense.
Just remember it’s OK to take a time out and to just BREATH. If it’s all getting too much just go into the bathroom or somewhere where you can calm down and just take a minute to digest everything.
It is nerve wracking, depending on how nervous or stressed you tend to get so just remember to enjoy it and calm down. It really does help.


Winter Vs Summer Ceremony Times.
Brides tend to forget that if you’re getting married in the winter, let’s say December and you want light ceremony photos with the natural light look then you shouldn’t have your ceremony at 3-4pm in the UK.
It starts to get dark earlier in the winter and if you want to have natural light photos after the ceremony you’re going to need enough light to last an extra hour or so. It is an easy thing to forget but that’s why I am here. 🙂
Same for the summer though, if you wanted a sunset ceremony then do it in the evening with that beautiful golden light. There isn’t a rule to say that you have to have it in the middle of the day with the sun beaming.


Not Making Enough Time For Photos.
This is a common thing that slips peoples minds, that’s why I always tell my brides before they organise the day that they will need enough time for the group photos and couple photos after the ceremony.
Just make sure you have a spare hour at some point, normally after the ceremony to do the photos but it can be whenever sutis you. You don’t want it to feel rushed and forced. You want it to flow nicely so just make the time.


Forgetting To Take 5 Minutes Alone Together.
This is more of a joint thing that bride and grooms tend to forget. They worry so much about their guests that they end up forgetting to actually spend some quality time together on their wedding day.
Go for a walk, talk about how the morning was for eachother, what you got up to, how you were feeling, just be together and take it all in. 🙂