Scottish Highlands Elopement // Mr + Mrs Bremaneson

August 1, 2016

Beautiful scottish Highland Elopement.
Nichola and Jodie eloped in the beautiful Scottish highlands on July 5th 2016.
Leading up to their special day Nichola and I were exchanging ideas and excitement for their big day!
I was SO excited to meet them both and ridiculously excited to shoot my first ever elopement.
They had their beautiful humanist ceremony infront of a stunning waterfall near where they were staying.
The love between these two is unreal. I get all emotional thinking about the day again because it was just so beautiful.
They didn’t mind trecking through the rain and mud for the perfect shot, Jodie even got his wellie stuck in the mud!
That was really funny, he has some mad balancing skills!
They really did make the day their own, it was personal, intimate and special.
It was them through and through. To me that is the most important thing.
The images say it all, they show how much fun they had and how madly in love they really are.