Elmore Court Bridal Shoot For SimplyBridal

      I have been so excited to share with everyone this shoot I did for SimplyBridal , they are an American Bridal Company.

      They got in touch with me before December to see if I would be up for doing a shoot with one of their dresses, I was obviously really excited about this opportunity!

      I was so excited and got planning straight away. Obviously my first thought was where can I shoot this? I did have a vision of how I wanted the shoot to be in my head. Pretty, pink, bright, delicate.

      I’ve wanted to shoot at the beautiful Elmore Court for quite a while so I thought I would contact them to see if they were interested in this opportunity. They were which was great! 🙂

      To make this shoot happen I needed some help from a couple of talented friends in the industry. I didn’t want this to be a massive shoot with tons of people involved, I wanted it to be small but effective. I’m all for simplicity!

      Charlie from C D Hair is SO amazing and she was the first person I thought of for some amazing hair styles. I only showed her a couple of images that weren’t even that accurate of what I wanted and from that she came up with these two incredible styles! I was over the moon. To be honest though I knew she wouldn’t disappoint, she never does!

      At the beginning I didn’t think of getting a florist involved but then I thought about it again and realised I needed one! So, I wanted to work with someone that I knew I’d work well with and I knew I wanted to collaborate with her for a while.

      Rebecca from The Bespoke Florist did the beautiful flowers and hair piece! They were SO pretty! She did amazingly, I only gave her a few key words to work from because I wanted it to be a piece of her creativity instead of me telling her to exactly what I wanted. I don’t like doing that, I want people to show what they can do and do what they want to do more importantly.

      For the props, the only person that I knew could definitely help me was my friend Tracy Hammond! What a star she is, she has all these stunning rustic/vintage props that she used for her own wedding and was kind enough to lend me them for the shoot. Thank you Tracy! I couldn’t have done it without you. 🙂

      Of course I can’t forget my BEAUTIFUL model Megan, I’m sure you have all seen her all over my facebook page from previous shoots. She was fantastic, always up for everything I ask her to do. Takes direction amazingly and is just so stunning! 🙂

      A huge thank you to Elmore Court for letting us shoot at their lovely venue, such welcoming people and I am so glad I finally got to shoot there! I was so happy. 🙂

      And of course a big thanks to SimplyBridal for choosing me to photograph one of their dresses! I can’t say how pleased I am with this whole shoot.

      I couldn’t do it without any of you that helped me with this shoot, I really appreciate it and I would love to work with you all again in the future!



      C D HAIR

      Elmore Court

      The Bespoke Florist