Now this might sound simple to you, but you would be suprised at how many bride and grooms don’t do this on their wedding day.

So you get married, your ceremony is all done, you walk out and people start congratulating you which is lovely. You haven’t yet properly spoken to each other and had a ‘moment’ together yet though.  I think this is more common if you are getting married in the place you are having your reception. If you are travelling from a church to the reception you get to spend some time together in the car, but not when everything is in the same place.

After your ceremony I really to do think you should take 10 minutes to walk off and be TOGETHER. Love each other, talk to each other, kiss each other, embrace each other. You forget that it’s your day and you rush back to greet your guests but you forget to spend time with one another.

The day goes by so quickly for you and before you know it you have spent the whole day trying to greet everyone but you forget that it’s your special day and you need to spend some time together too.

My tip: Spend at least 10 minutes together on your own as you may regret it!