6 Ways To Help You Plan After You First Get Engaged

February 18, 2017

It’s exciting to think that you can start planning your wedding straight after you get engaged but it’s also overwhelming.
Where should you start? Who should you contact first? Well I am here to help you!
Keep reading and hopefully by the end of the post you will feel positive and ready to start planning.

So here are 6 Ways To Help You Plan After You First Get Engaged.

Firstly, Have Fun and enjoy being engaged.
I mean it. Don’t feel like you have to start planning straight away.
Simply ENJOY your engagement and when you’re ready to start planning then start. Take it easy.

Talk To Your Fiance About What You Both Like.
Before anything, you need to talk to eachother to figure what both of you like and what both of you value.
Men don’t tend to see the reason for flowers and stuff like that but to women sometimes it’s important, therefore you have to explain to them why it’s so important to you.
There is so much to talk about with each other so make sure to write things down. Minds change, your mind will change along the way with prioritising etc so just keep communicating with each other.

Make A List Of What’s Important To You.
Now it’s time to make a list. Lists are fun!! Trust me and they help A LOT.
So ask yourself ‘What Is Important To Us’?
It might be that your location is more important than the type of venue you would choose.
Music might be really important to you so you might want to definitely hire a live band.
It might be really important that you hire the photographer or videographer of your dreams to capture those special memories.
Make a list, it doesn’t matter how long it is just make one.

Workout Your Overall Budget.
Now obviously this is extremley important IF you have a budget. You may not have a budget and are lucky enough to get most of things you want without worrying.
But if you do have a budget, write that number down and agree on the number together.
Then what you have to do is contact vendors that you love, see how much their services will cost you and try to fiddle around with your budget to suit.

Time To Make Another List Of THE Most Important Things.
This list is going to be another list of your absolute MUST HAVES no matter what the cost.
Then you can compromise on the budget for the stuff that doesn’t matter as much.
It’s normally a shorter list as it’s you prioritising.

Remember YOUR wants and YOUR needs.
It’s easy to get carried away with wanting to please your guests to the absolute max or pleasing your mum and dad by inviting all the cousins that you never talk to because they want you to invite them.
If it’s not what you really want and it’s making you stressed about the planning process then you know it’s time to step back and think, hang on. This is our day and noone elses.
Of course you want to please your guests but remember what you want for your day.
Your guests will love it either way I am sure!

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