You know when you just need a break from everything? Work, Life just everything.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good two weeks off work. It’s constant at the moment and I am getting frustrated! This Saturday is my last wedding until December! So from the 26th October I am taking a full 2 weeks off ! I am extremely excited because Jon and I are going to Scotland!! We are going camping. ^_^

You might think… wait… you’re going camping in Scotland in October… are you mad?! Yes..yes we are πŸ™‚ Why not! you only live once ha

So I will be videoing our journey and also photographing the beautiful scenery of course! πŸ™‚

Beer in one hand and giant marshmellows on a stick over a campfire, mmmm I can taste it now…

The point of this post, is simply to say when you are constantly working, you have so much to get through and you’re just so overwhelmed… just Take A Break.

You’reΒ  only human, you need to refresh your mind, take in the surroundings and breathe. πŸ™‚

Too much work and no play is just not fun. If you’re self employed like me you probably don’t realise but you are constantly working and you don’t know you are, constantly checking your emails, facebook page, messages, texts.

It gets the better of you.

Turn it off, I know I am going to and I really can’t wait. I just need to remember to turn my out of office on. πŸ˜‰