How To Make IT Happen.

May 12, 2016

It’s a Friday night and I’m sipping on some JD and coke with my dear friend at the pub.

We talked about life, work, general chit chat and have a really nice time.

We start talking about getting rid of all the negativity in our lives and getting rid of those pessimistic people that we know of and frankly don’t need.

My friend has bought a new house and turns around to me and says she made a list of what she REALLY wants in a dream world and also a list of what she thinks she will get in a realistic world.

She told me after getting rid of all of those negative thoughts and people, she found herself getting closer to that ‘dream list’.

And what do you know?

My amazing friend got what she wanted and thought she would never get it at this moment in time.

It shows that you CAN dream bigger than you think you should.

Just get rid of that NEGATIVITY and go for it.

Why not create a list? Why not write down those things that you want to make happen and maybe one day you might surprise yourself.

To the people that think it’s a waste of time to dream or wish for something you think is beyond your means…

Change it… make it happen.

IT being anything you want it to be.