Are you camera shy? Are you one of those people that don’t like having their photo taken? Do you think you look silly when you smile?

      To be honest, unless you are really confident and know how to work the camera then feeling like this is pretty normal.

      It’s totally fine to feel like this! Don’t worry.

      Most of my couples that book me say they love the ‘natural’ look that I capture in my couples because they don’t like photos that are ‘too posey’.

      Which is great as that’s what I aim for.

      But it makes me think, the reason a lot of people are camera shy is because they think they have to just stand there and pose really awkwardly and fake a smile which is so not the case.

      N E V E R  fake a smile.

      This is how I work:

      I ask you to stand somewhere or move into a position that’s natural and comfortable for you.
      You then naturally make your wife or husband laugh and everything just falls into place.


      M O M E N T S – I simply capture those funny natural moments that happen between you both.
      ( Jodie’s wellie got stuck in the mud! ;-P )


      If there is an E P I C  backdrop, I WILL shoot it.

      Glencoe Elopement

      R E L A X – I step back and give you some time to talk about your beautiful day.


      W A L K – There’s nothing more natural than taking a lovely stroll with your new husband or wife.


      L A U G H T  E R    is a wonderful thing.


      L O V E

      I simply capture your love for eachother. Don’t be afraid to show it! You’re M A R R I E D!.
      The best and most happy day of your lives so please don’t be afraid to love eachother the way you normally do.
      Because THAT is what us as photographers love to capture and that is why you hire us!

      The Matara Centre Wedding

      Just be YOURSELF and enjoy the moment. That is the best advice I can give you.
      Also, choose a photographer that you definitely feel comfortable with and most importantly who you trust!


      If you would like me to capture your beautiful day, please head over to the contact form and tell me all about it or simply email me: