4 Ways To Get Better Bridal Preparation Photos.

February 22, 2017

Here are my 4 Ways To Get better bridal preparation photos.

Bridal Prep can be sooo hectic! So these tips are definitely things you should plan before your day to make sure they are all in place.
It’s all about making your preparations to be as smooth as possible and to get the best photos you can.

Good Light
I would definitely suggest to make sure there is a good amount of light or you have some nice natural light coming through the windows.
Think about the type of photos you want, if you want light and airy photos you will need to make sure it’s a REALLY light and airy room with big windows, light walls and light decor.
If you would like normal to moody lighting then I am sure a nice old hotel room in the cotswolds would be fine. Lighting is KEY.

Clear The Clutter
This is difficult I know especially if there are many people in and out of the room but maybe you could delegate someone the keep the room nice and uncluttered and when it comes to leaving the room at the end everything will still be tidy and you won’t have to rush around trying to tidy the room like I have seen many times. A nice uncluttered room makes the photos look so much better too and really helps us photographers to just get on shooting without having to worry about wasting time moving things around and potentially missing a shot.

Prepare Your Details
When I turn up in the morning I always hate having to bother the bride for her wedding details so I can photograph them. Purley because I feel like she has enough on her plate and I don’t really want to bother her. So what I suggest is asking one of your bridesmaids to put all of your details in one place like the dress, shoes, jewellery and anything else you would like the photographer to photograph. That way it’s quick, easy and without a fuss. So delegate one of  your bridesmaids or mum or whoever to organise and put all of your bits and bobs in one place for your photographer to take photos of.

Have A Laugh
Simply have a fun time with lots of laughter, have some champers and just enjoy the moment.
Happy, laughing photos are the best. You want to look back and think we really had such a fun time getting ready that morning and the photos really show it!
Don’t let anything get on top of you. If something ends up going wrong or not planning out the way you thought it would then that’s fine let someone else deal with it and just be excited to marry your other half. 🙂

When it comes to planning your morning remember these 4 ways to get better bridal preparation photos.

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