How You Can Motivate Yourself Almost Instantly.

May 27, 2016

Sitting there feeling like crap and not knowing why you feel so bad. Why can’t you just get up and go? What’s stopping you?

You have a million and one things on your mind that might not even be worth thinking about but your stuck thinking about them anyway because that’s what you do.

You go around in circles and wonder why nothing is changing?

It’s an easy cycle to get stuck in, I know because I was there just last week!

We all do it, but how to do we stop it?

How can you motivate yourself?

Think About Where You Want To Be.

This is where you don’t think about the CRAP you have been thinking about.
This is when you think about the thing that actually MATTERS.

Think good and hard about what you truly want and where you want to be.
Ingrain it in your mind! Don’t EVER forget it because this is what is going to be your reason.

Write Down The Steps You Need To Take To Get There.

This is really important because if you don’t write down those steps and put them in front of you then it just won’t work.
You need to SEE what you have to do and tick them off ONE AT A TIME.
You need to see that you are making progress and that you ARE moving forward.
Most of all you need to be CLEAR to yourself and make the process as easy as possible so you don’t get frustrated and confused like you were before.

Set Yourself A Daily Goal.

Do it, set yourself to complete at least ONE goal a day. Then tick it off!
That’s one more step towards your big goal!
The list of things to do will gradually become smaller and smaller which you will see because you will be ticking them off!

Watch Some Inspiring Videos or Read Some Posts.

This might sounds silly but it really does work.
WHO inspires you? WHO impacts your life?
If there is someone that makes you feel good when you watch their videos or read their blog posts then why not spend some time doing that?If you need that little push to get going then why not get inspired?

Sometimes You Just Need To Switch Off Your Phone.

I did this. Why? Because I simply didn’t want to have any distractions.
I NEEDED to get away from people messaging me, notifications on social media, looking at my emails etc…
The reason for this is because I couldn’t think straight.
I honestly felt surrounded. I’ve never felt like that before and it scared me. So I decided to shut everything off.
To THINK about what I needed to do to get around this and get to where I want to be.
I sat down with a pen, paper and some music.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just fed up then turn off your phone for a day.
Or go out for a walk, anything that helps clear your mind and to get it back on track.

You know you CAN do this right?
Stop sitting around and get to it!!

Jen xo