Five Easy Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Photography

      I wanted to give you a few tips on how to get the most out of your wedding photography on your special day.
      You’re probably planning your wedding for this year or next and you might have a photographer booked already, but not too certain on how to make the most out the photography on the day.
      Well… I have written this post for you! So keep reading! 🙂



      I know by the time the beautiful sunset comes around you’re normally always really tired and probably can’t be bothered to be right infront of the camera again which I totally understand.
      But us photographers want to create the most magcial images for you, so when that golden light comes out please don’t turn it down!
      It really doesn’t last long so get some photos with the most amazing light when you can, you will not regret it but you will regret it if you don’t do it.

      how to get the most out of your wedding photography



      The light in the UK is totally different in the Summer than it is in the Winter and even Spring.
      If you want lots of photos with natural light in Winter, then my advice would be to have your ceremony no later than 1.30pm, so then you will have plenty of time for natural light photos after the ceremony without rushing around because the light is disappearing.
      Now in the Summer, my advice would be to have your ceremony later on in the day ( espeically if it’s an outdoor ceremony ). Why? Because the light isn’t as harsh, it’s nice and soft.
      Even at 5pm, I had a couple do their ceremony in August at 5pm and it was the most beautiful light. Don’t do it in the middle of the day just because that’s the ‘normal’ time to have a ceremony.
      If you want softer light then plan your day around it!




      We all know the UK has a tendancy to be really hit and miss with the weather, even in the summer months which really sucks!! SORT IT OUT ENGLAND.
      If you don’t mind braving the weather for photos, make sure you have suitable shoes.
      Maybe bring some wellies or converse if you’re a bit quirky ( whatever you decide ) and also an umbrella would be awesome. If not, venues normally have a stash of umbrellas!
      Don’t be frightened and beaten by a little bit of rain, sometimes it can look really cool in photos!



      This might seem obvious but I cannot stress enough how important this is! I always say to my couples to make sure they have 1.5hours between the ceremony and wedding breakfast.
      That’s not to say that the photos are going to take that long so don’t have a heart attack! LOL It’s just to make sure you’re not rushing round like headless chickens to get through the group photos and your couples photos.
      It’s the group photos that take a while anyway depending on how well organised everyone is and if everyone is waiting for aunt sally to get out of the toilets!



      This one is pretty simple but SO important. Just RELAX, you’ve just married your soul mate so remember to be in the moment and don’t be frightened of the camera.
      Pretend noone is watching and just be in the moment together. Have fun with it! Don’t take it seriously, it’s not a strict photo shoot, it’s the photographer capturing your love for one another.
      Even if something doesn’t go quite to plan on the day there is no point in worrying about it because at the end of the day it’s not about the little details it’s about marrying the love of your life. 🙂


      I hope you liked this post on how to get the most out of your wedding photography.
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