Why You Should Tell Your Whole Story // Oxfordshire Wedding Photographer

      You sit down together with pure excitement as the new married couple ready to look through your professional photos.
      You’re ready.
      You’re set.
      You’re go.
      You see those beautiful elegant detail shots, close ups of the breath taking expensive dress that you so carefully picked out for yourself.
      You’re reminded of that moment you were presented with a special surprise gift from your husband or wife to be, the emotions build up and you’re trying so hard to keep it in but can’t any longer.
      The special atmosphere in the morning whilst your getting your make up and hair done or whilst your buttoning up your waistcoast or tying your shoes.

      It then gets to that time you have both been waiting for, the moment you see eachother for the first time and are about to make your vows.

      BOOM. You’re married! It’s all over so quickly, where did it go?!

      The rest of the day is filled with love, laughter and pure happiness!
      You finally married the person of your dreams.
      Enjoying the day with family and friends, moments you don’t want to miss.

      The party goes on.

      So tell me, why would you not want that whole day captured?
      It’s never going to happen again, those moments aren’t going to happen again!

      I’m sure you would want to read it again.

      …that’s why I only want to tell your whole story, I never want to tell only half of it.