How To Write Your Own Vows

April 21, 2016

Writing your own vows is beautiful and I don’t think enough people do it these days.
I feel like it’s so much more personal when you’re reading out your own vows to one another.

It’s from the heart, it’s deep and it’s meaningful.

It shouldn’t be difficult or scary, after all you’re writing how you really feel about the love of your life and what they mean to you.

Your Vows Don’t Have To be Long

Don’t worry about how long or how short your vows have to be, there is no set rule.
Talk to your partner and maybe decide on it being a paragraph long or a few lines, whatever suits you both.Plus, if it is a bit longer than usual you might find it hard to get through it with all the crying! 😉

What Should You Say?

A lot of people start with saying their partners name and declaring their love for them. Then they say things like “I promise”, “I will” or “I vow to” because you are making a promise to each other for life.
It’s totally up to you and the way you want to write it, think about the times you have had together and the future you want together.Think about how they make you feel and the impact they have had on your life. Think about the good times and how you have gotten through the bad.
It doesn’t have to all be so serious, if you want to put some humour in there and mix it up a little bit then go for it! Just remember to be yourself, that’s all that matters.

You Don’t Have To Write Them Separately

Some couples choose to write their vows together which is really lovely, others prefer to write on their own so that it’s a nice surprise.
Talk to each other and decided on whether you want to write them together or not.

Search For Some Inspiration

If you are totally stuck then search for some inspiration to kick start your ideas!
There is no harm in searching for some inspiration!
Just make sure you what you write down is still your own and from your heart.
You don’t want to end up just copying someone and changing a few words around.

Practice Saying Them Out Loud

This sounds weird but you definitely have to practice saying your vows either to yourself or someone you know.
That way you know whether you want to change a line or change the way you say certain parts.
Sometimes you can write in a way that doesn’t sounds good when you read it out loud. So you can then go back and change it.