My Good Friend Megan Bell

November 4, 2014

I wanted to do some photography for myself, to rejuvenate my creativity. I think it is so important as a photographer to not get sucked into shooting JUST for clients.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE shooting for clients, weddings and family portraits are what I really enjoy, the end result is always awesome when your clients adore the photos and it’s so thrilling to hear how the photos make people feel.

But once in a while, it is nice to just do something for yourself, to be creative, push your boundaries. I was getting really down because I felt like I needed to try new things, shoot in a different way just to make me feel like I am pushing myself a bit more.

I am lucky that I have such beautiful friends inside and outside, Megan being one that I have photographed a number of times but somehow I still can’t get enough of her beauty! Can you blame me?!

I really can’t thank her enough, she is amazing to photograph and be around! She’s a great friend, I wanted to let her beauty shine through the images!

I had an idea in my head of using my lights and soft box for some head shots. To be honest I was winging it with my space, my house is tiny and I had an original idea but that didn’t work out. After messing around a bit with the space and lighting, the thing that worked was the thing I thought wouldn’t work at the start. Funny that! lol

We managed to use my bedroom and I photographed her in front of my cream coloured wardrobe whilst standing on my bed! 🙂 Who would have thought we could create some beautiful portraits in my bedroom! ha-ha

After that, we drove to my mums house and did a few portraits there. Simple!  It was very challenging in terms of the amount of space we had to work with but I loved the results.

This was part of my new head shot and faces project that I am really excited about. Anyway, I don’t really like going on for ages! So I hope you enjoy the images of this beautiful lady.

PS. Megan had the privilege of taking a couple of photos of me hahaa!

J x



Great shots Jen! 🙂

Love them Jen! Well done you – as always 🙂 x

Stunning shots Jen!

Gorgeous pics 🙂 x

Absolutely love these xxx

Brilliant Jen.. x x

Gorgeous! You’re so talented!

they are great!I love them all !!