Puppy Madness

January 6, 2016

No words can describe how we felt when we first saw Willow. Her gorgeous chocolate nose and those sweet brown eyes filled with so much love, how could we resist? She looked ridiculously cute but she was standing there shaking with fear and separated from her mummy which made me feel AWFUL by the way. It’s definitely the worst part of taking home a puppy, having to separate them from their mum ahgr! But it’s safe to say she loves us deeply. 🙂

Having Willow at home with me is great company, she is crazy! At the moment it is so tiring because she needs so much attention so I’m having to do most of my work when she is sleeping or at night. Not a problem but it’s the getting up at 3am to let her pee and poo everyday that is killing me ;-). God knows what having a new born baby is like! Well I’m no way near ready for that! haha

Her day goes like this…

Wake up – Eat – Play – Sleep – Play – Sleep -Eat – Play – Sleep – Play – Sleep – Eat – play – Sleep and sleep somemore.

Since we have had Willow, it’s made me try to manage my time a bit more and made me WANT to get on with work. Whereas before I would procrastinate so much and not get much done at all. Also, it’s so nice to come through the door or even come down the stairs and be missed to much by her even though I was only gone for 5 minutes! haha If you’re having a shit day and it feels like everyone hates you or you’re just not having a nice day at all, you know for a fact your dog will be happy to see you no matter what. 🙂 <3