Why You Should Print Your Photos!

August 25, 2016


As a photographer I am guilty of not printing my work as much as I should I will admit that.
When I photograph clients I wish they would print out their photos, a lot of the time people don’t bother.
They just keep them on their computer and never actually see them printed which is kind of sad really because you don’t get the full effect of the photograph.

Here are 4 reasons why you should print your photos!

You Can’t Beat Holding A Photograph In your Hand.

Having a printed photo and looking at it in your hands couldn’t be more different from just looking at a photo on your screen.
When it’s in your hands you examin the whole photograph properly and you see the detail that you wouldn’t have seen on screen. You think about everything in the photograph and your eyes are drawn all over the paper. There is no better way than looking at a photo in your hands right in front of you.

Technology Can Fail.

I always say back up your photos!! Technology can fail, therefore you can lose all of your memories.
However if you print your photos you will still have those memories! Do you ever look through your grandparents photos and think wow that’s such an amazing photograph and how lucky to still have that print. That print is all they have. Remember to back up your photos but prints are back ups too.

Use Them For Gifts.

You have paid a lot of money for a photo shoot and you have them online. Your family would LOVE to have prints from your photo shoot.
They weren’t there when they were taken but they have always wanted photos of you and your family together, their grandchildren etc..
So gift them those wonderful memories that they can cherish and hang on their walls or place on their desk in a beautiful frame.

Your Photo Is Complete Once It’s Printed.

I feel like you can’t REALLY enjoy a photograph until you see it as a print. I feel like that’s what completes the process of taking that photo. You spent time creating that photo so why not take time to complete it? A photograph is meant to be printed! So enjoy it, complete it and print it.